Landed and Wide Awake

I woke up at 1 AM. It is 3 AM now. After the long flights and layover, (3 hour flight, 6 hour layover, 13 hour flight) I was wide awake when I landed at 9 AM. I did the best I could to stay awake but when you are home bound, an early night was inevitable. I think I slept from 4-1. 9 solid hours. Sounds good to me.

Anyway now that I am back, these are my new goals post trip:

  1. I want to be honest and to speak out more.
  2. Sadness and Anger will not be kept inside.
  3. Money will not be saved.
  4. Trips will be taken.
  5. Concerts will be attended.


Honest Post #1.

I woke up this morning in sadness. Not because I am back home and no longer traveling but 1 because I didn’t go to Israel or Lebanon or Turkey and 2 because I surprises that I sent myself are not there.



No one knows this but this trip really happened because with all the terrible things going on in the world, I like to think that kindness will prevail. And I really wanted to tour the Middle East. Yes, I made it to Jordan and the UAE but I also wanted to tour more of the Middle East. At first (and after Korea) I was tired and was done with traveling but having been introduced to it via Jordan, and seeing the kindness of everyone, I really want to see more of it.

Tourism is such and amazing thing. Our guides have been amazing and our host was just wonderful. Just seeing the interactions between the guides and the locals and all the sharing of food and resources, kindness is everywhere.

Someday, I would like to see Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. And other Asian countries.

But truthfully though, I wasn’t too sad about not having climbed up 1k steps to the top of the monastery.


I sent myself 3 packages during my trip. Mostly so that I don’t have to carry souvenirs through 8 countries and 3 months. But I forgot the other reason. It was so that I can come home, and be reminded of my trips. They were gifts to me.

But my paintings are no where to be found. And the other boxes opened and already ripped into a million pieces. Maybe already recycled last week.

My soaps from Villa Saraswati and The Villas Tejakula are on the counter downstairs. My teas, cookies  and candies from the Tea Plantation are scattered across my desk. The sarongs and scarves in bagged piles on my bed.

Where are the  ginger teas?

Is that everything? Am I missing anything?

Did I buy myself 3 scarves or 2?

Excuse me while I weep….


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